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July 31, 2020

For the past 3 weeks, I have been "Re-Developing" the Dry Creek View Observatory Web Page.  I moved from an old web builder which I have been using for the past 8 years to a new developing software called "WebSite X5 evo.  My old web blogs over the years will be archived by me and used as a personal history of my astronomy activities.  These older blogs will no longer be available on my web page.  Therefore, I am starting new with this July 31, 2020 entry.

I will be following a similar format to the old web page, but new and I hope better pictures will be forthcoming.  I will be posting higher resolution photos so they can be better seen when zooming in for detail.

As I am now retired from my day job, I hope to be doing much more star gazing and astrophotography.  My home page will indicate when my pages are updated under the heading "Most Recent Updates".  Check back soon as I plan on taking some classic pictures of the sky at higher resolution.  Clear Skies, Travis Smith

August 12, 2020

Last night I took the time to do some astrophotography.  My target was M 101 the “Pinwheel” galaxy.  I had my scope set up at f/11 3900mm focal length with my CGE 1400 Telescope.  I was not happy with the image that I captured.  At an ISO of 3200, and 6 pictures stacked, the image was too grainy for me and a little out of focus.  Below is the processed image.  I will try another night to get a sharper less grainy image.

M 101 "Pinwheel Galaxy"

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