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Amateur Observatory, Backyard Observatory
Amateur Observatory, Amateur Observatory
Amateur Backyard Observatories
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When I was building my observatory, I searched the Web extensively to get ideas on how to approach the project. I knew I wanted to do Astrophotography and was undecided on whether to go with a Dome or a Roll off Roof. To keep the wind out, I elected to go with the Dome. There were some impressive Dome and Roll off Roof designs complete with Control Rooms. It was during this search that I got my taste of good quality astrophotography photographs that could be taken with scopes other than the Hubble Space Telescope. With permission I post the following links to other web sites. Each give their unique insight into the world of astronomy. These sites can also give tips on how to build your own backyard observatory. It is sad that some of the sites that I had previously listed no longer have web pages.

Click on the name of the Observatories below to be taken directly to their web site.  If anyone wants their observatory web site listed here, please contact me.  My email address is listed under the "Contact Me" button at the bottom of each page.

"You are here, the Observatory of Yours Truly"

"Very good Observatory Construction Details"

"One of the Observatories that inspired the building of the Dry Creek View Observatory."

"A great video on how to construct an  observatory. Excellent quality Astrophotography."
"Good construction photos of the observatory and an Excellent Astrophotography gallery."

"Excellent Web Page with Viewing Blog, Astrophotography and Observatory pictures"

"This is the home of Meadowview Observatory. Excellent construction photos of the building of the observatory using an Explora-Dome and Great Astrophotos using large aperture scopes."

"The Hidden Creek Observatory is a Roll off Roof design.  This page has excellent information on the design, construction and Astrophotography.  Very good web page layout."
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