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This was my second attempt at taking pictures of Jupiter. This time, I used the Movie option on my Nikon D5200 camera. I set the Movie paramiters to 1280X720 for resolution and had the ISO set at 2000. I shot at 60 frames per second for 1 minute. Using RegiStax 6, I aligned, and limited the 3600 frames to 37 which were stacked. I processed the picture using RegiStax6 and Nikon NX2 to bring out the details. The fun part of this picture is the Moon Europa which is in the bottom right corner of the picture. Even though this picture was put in the gallery on June 23, 2016, I actually took the picture on February 14, 2015.

Date Processed: June 23, 2016
Scope: 14 inch Celestron CGE 1400
Focal Length: 3910 mm; F/11
Camera: Nikon D5200
ISO Setting: 2000
Duration: 1 Minute Movie at 1280X720
Tele Vue 4X Powermate


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