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Orion Nebula f/1.2 HyperStar Lens

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I wanted to layer the image of Orion with my Nikon D810A Camera and FastStar lens. This image was the result of 13 images stacked and overlayed with an Image of the Trapezium or the center stars. This overlay gives a better representation of the center of the nebula and the cloud structure. You can "Zoom" in on the center of the image to fully see the center stars.

Date: December 13, 2017
Scope: 14 inch Celestron CGE 1400
Focal Length: 600 mm; f/2
Camera: Nikon D810A
ISO Setting: 800
Duration: 30 Seconds
The Trapezium for the Overlay was shot at:
ISO 800
Duration: 0.25 Seconds


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