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Stephens Quintet and NGC 7331

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Stephens Quintet and NGC 7331

Stephens Quintet in in the constellation Pegasus and is a group of 5 galaxies about 280 million light years from earth.. In the picture above, it is the grouping of 5 galaxies on the right side of photo. NGC 7331 is the larger Galaxy. If you look carefully, there are actually 22 galaxies in this photo. See if you can count them. I know I have an advantage, because I have the full resolution photo. Even in this photo it is easy to see 16 of them. If you can zoom in on your browser, you may be able to see all 22.

Date: September 1, 2015.
Scope: 14 inch Celestron CGE 1400.
Focal Length: 675 mm; f/1.9 HyperStarFocal Reducer
Camera: Nikon D5200
ISO Setting: 800
Duration: 60 Seconds per photo.
10 photos Stacked using Deep Sky Stacker
Autoguided using PHD with StarShoot Guide Camera


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