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Firework Galaxy NGC 6946

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Fireworks Galaxy NGC 6946

NGC 6946, also known as the Fireworks Galaxy, is an intermediate spiral galaxy about 18 million light-years away, in the constellations Cepheus and Cygnus. The visual size of the galaxy is quite small. only about 0 degrees 11 minutes in size. This compared to the Andromeda Galaxy which is about 2 degrees 52 minutes in visual size. I had to zoom in and crop this image to give the size shown in the picture. The surrounding stars are from our own Milky Way Galaxy and somewhat obscure the view of the Fireworks Galaxy.


Date: October 7, 2016.
Scope: 14 inch Celestron CGE 1400.
Focal Length: 675 mm; f/1.9 HyperStarFocal Reducer
Camera: Nikon D800
ISO Setting: 800
Duration: 2 Minutes per photo.
7 photos Stacked using Deep Sky Stacker
Autoguided using PHD with StarShoot Autoguider Pro Guide Camera


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